Monday, January 3, 2011

Gumpaste Cupcakes

Kebaya Gumpaste

Baby Gumpaste

Sweety Hat Gumpaste

Shoe Gumpaste

Ribbon Gumpaste

Gun n Roses Gumpaste

Bear Gumpaste

Pillow Gumpaste

Lily Gumpaste

Lily Gumpaste (same as above)

Roses Gumpaste

Carnation Gumpaste

Sugar Box

Samples of Gumpaste Cupcakes

Samples of Gumpaste Cupcakes (same as above)

  • For order for any of the above Gumpaste Cupcakes, kindly contact me, Siti Nur'Ain Arshad at or call/message me at 013-5307269.
  • Design and color depends or your request.
  • Price depends on size of cupcakes.